Linda Hofvander b. 1978


Working with analogue photography, Linda Hofvander creates spatial metaphors. Her work generates a dialogue with the spectator and brings out a photographic language that is open to interpretation. The absence of narrative brings the viewer into a territory where a new platform for our visual understanding is recreated. A crucial aspect of Hofvander's working method is the process of reduction, with the strive to pinpoint the essence of the analogue medium. In her exploration of the inherent qualities of photography and the possibilities of perceiving time and space on a flat surface, Hofvander captures the core of our perception and the limitations of the medium itself.


Linda Hofvander (b. 1978 in Stockholm, Sweden) holds an MFA from The School of Photography, Gothenburg University and a BFA in Photography from London College of Communication. Hofvander has exhibited at Moderna Museet, Artipelag, Hasselblad Center, Kunstnerernas Hus and MELK Gallery, Oslo, and Konstepidemin, Gothenburg. She is represented in the collections of Moderna Museet, Public Art Agency Sweden, Gothenburg City Council, Uppsala County Council, Region Skåne and in private collections.