Samaneh Reyhani b. 1990


Working with sculpture, Samaneh Reyhani skilfully explores the duality of the bodily and the emotional ­represented by the tangible and the immaterial in her work. Materials like wood and stone are transformed beyond their inherent materiality, resulting in shapes and forms imbued with a visual poetry.


Samaneh Reyhani (b. 1990 in Tehran, Iran) is based in Malmö and holds an MFA from Malmö Art Academy and an BFA from the University of Art, Tehran, Iran. Reyhani has exhibited at Malmö Art Museum, Kulturhuset, Stockholm, Uppsala Art Museum and Ystad Art Museum. She was awarded the scholarships of Edstrandska foundation and Anna-Lisa Thomson Till Minne foundation in 2017, Aase och Richard Björklunds foundation in 2018 and The Swedish Arts Grants Committee's one-year working grant 2019. Reyhani is represented in the collections of Public Art Agency Sweden, Malmö Art Museum, Uppsala Art Museum, Helsingborg Museum, Region Skåne, Uppsala Municipality and Ståhl Collection Norrköping. Public commissions include Uppsala City Hall, Sjöbo City Hall, Drömmarnas hus, Malmö, MKB, Lindängen, Malmö, Västra Berga skola, Helsingborg and Kilsbostäder, Kil.