Tova Mozard

The uncertainty one experiences as a viewer encountering the photographs and video works of Tova Mozard is related to the extent to which we are used to reading images and their contents. Mystery is a key element in her photographs together with the information that has been omitted. The sense of finding yourself in the middle of a story is striking. Although Mozard’s compositions are made up of decayed environments, film sets and bizarre characters making her photographs visually attractive, the viewer is left with a feeling that is both nostalgic and saturated.

Mozard’s work reveals the nature of the relationship between the camera, the protagonist and the director. Sometimes relying on fiction and other times delving into her own biography, she takes on different roles in front of and behind the camera, testing the limits of directing and acting. Looking back, nostalgia and alienation are characteristic aspects of Mozard’s pictorial world. She exploits this in an evocative way, cleverly playing with our receptivity and empathy on various levels.

Tova Mozard (b. 1978) holds an MFA from Malmö Art Academy and has also studied photography at University of California, Los Angeles. She has exhibited extensively, both in Sweden and internationally, and is represented in several public and private collections.


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