Sigrid Sandström | Vandalorum: Solo-exhibition

Vandalorum 3 December 2022 - 10 April 2023 

A solo show with Sigrid Sandström opens on 3 December at Vandalorum, Värnamo. The exhibition Under tiden is presented in the museum's largest space. Sandström shows a series of new monumental paintings, hanging freely in the room. She has created works on canvas which may be experienced from both sides, where front and back are of equal importance. In addition, the exhibition features two groups of paintings from the past year.


Since her debut, Sandström has consistently explored the conditions and limitations of her practice. Working primarily with painting, Sigrid Sandström has continuously been exploring site as a concept as well as emotional experience. Over time, the often depicted large-scale, barren and uninhabited landscapes have become more abstract. Her paintings fail to conform to categories, and continuously explore the ontological conditions and limitations of painting. The indeterminate, or unnamable, plays a central role both in Sandström's investigative work process and in relation to the viewer.


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