Gabriella Loeb and Martha Ossowska Persson,
Splendor in the touch, sculpture, painting.
20 August–26 September 2015


Cecilia Hillström Gallery is pleased to open the autumn season with two artists in a duo presentation; Gabriella Loeb and Martha Ossowska Persson. As the title of the exhibition implies, they share a sensibility in terms of closeness to the media of their choice – sculpture made of hardened fabric and large-scale watercolour painting. For both artists, questions arise from the act of doing. Loeb and Ossowska Persson let the painstaking process – involving a considerable amount of technical skill – guide their way to the final result.

Martha Ossowska Persson was recently awarded the Fredrik Roos Art Grant 2015 for “her vibrant portrayal of tactile physicalities in an increasingly technological and dehumanised era.”

Ossowska Persson works with a multilayered exploration of the human body and embedded human behaviors. Her large-scale watercolour paintings capture bodies and limbs in moments of physical contact or tactile games that can be perceived as both an encounter and a threat. The close-up paintings of intertwined hands almost become abstract works, conveying the complex feelings residing in our bodies. The size of the paintings is important, challenging the artist conceptually as well as physically. For Martha Ossowska Persson, each brush stroke is risk-taking. In the constant struggle with the working material, the remnants of colour on the surface are the result of a process of coercion, skill and chance.